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UK Game Bird Seasons

If you are interested in booking any type of game shooting please get in contact and we can help you arrange it.  We have single pegs on our home estate St. Clair's available in most seasons.  We can arrange loaders and tuition for novices and have a selection of shotguns available for hire.  

Species England, Wales & Scotland Northern Ireland
Grouse August 12th–December 10th August 12th–November 30th
Ptarmigan August 12th–December 10th
Snipe August 12th–January 31st September 1st–January 31st
Blackgrouse August 20th–December 10th
Partridge September 1st–February 1st October 1st–January 31st
Duck & Goose September 1st–January 31st* September 1st–January 31st
Golden Plover September 1st–January 31st September 1st–January 31st
Pheasant October 1st–February 1st October 1st–January 1st
Woodcock October 1st–January 31st* October 1st–January 31st

*Duck & Goose below the high water mark continues until the 20th February.
*Woodcock in Scotland Starts on the 1st September

UK Game Bird Seasons
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