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EasyExport™ Enables UK Purchasers Access To US Merchants Firearms And Related Products Directly Online

International Purchasing of U.S. Firearm Products
Hasn’t Been Easy . . . Until Now

Complex US export regulations and UK import regulations have stymied international trade in U.S. firearms, parts, optics and accessories. Many U.S. sellers find exporting to lawful purchasers elsewhere to be too risky, expensive or both. Their reluctance to export has left potential UK customers unable to buy the American products they want.

EasyExport enables US sellers and lawful UK purchasers of firearm products to do business with one another easily and legally online by efficiently solving all the regulatory challenges.

As an EasyExport Preferred Partner Blue Fieldsports is able to simplify and expedite the process even further by using our expert knowledge, Open UK Import License and RFD to ensure the products you want are imported promptly with ease and all parties involved remain 100% within the legislation.  We offer two options:

Option 1
Register with EasyExport directly as an individual clicking on their logo below and enter our address as your primary shipping address . After your registration is approved (24-48 hours), follow their process for purchasing directly from the US merchant. When you complete your order, our address will automatically be entered as the shipping address. Make payment to the merchant. When your items arrive we will pay any customs charges and notify you that your package is ready for collection.  What we charge for this is as follows:

Package Value Up to $500 $501 - $1000 $1001 - $3000 $3000+
Our Fee £50 £75 £100 £125

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Option 2
Find the products you want to order from EasyExport merchants and email the links to them directly to us using our contact form linked below or  We will order directly with the merchant, pay for the items and notify you when they are ready for collection.   Where we have a trade account with the US merchant there are no additional fees due to us, where we don't we charge a flat rate of 15% on the total cost of the items excluding shipping, import duties and customs charges.

*All import duties, customs charges and any other expense incurred in receiving your items are passed on to you directly at what they cost us, no margin is added.  


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