Wildcat Evolution

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£ 265.00

  • Calibre
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  • Bush

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Wildcat Evolution Moderator

The Wildcat Evolution is the perfect blend of performance and lightweight. Its 50/50 distribution and modular over barrel design makes it perfect for use in the field. As with our Predator it is strippable for cleaning and maintenance. Rated for all standard non-magnum calibres.

Available in most standard threads including 1/2x20UNF, 1/2x28UNEF, 5/8x18UNF, 5/8x24UNEF, 14×1, 15×1, 17×1, 18×1 and metric spigot threads.

Custom threads are also available on request, please contact us for details.

  • Weight Grams - 432g

  • Diameter - 44 Ø

  • Over-barrel length - 105mm

  • Added length - 153.50mm

  • Total length - 258.50mm

  • Max barrel diameter - 25mm

  • Materials - Aluminium, Stainless Steel

If selecting a custom bush please email us with the diameter you would like after you have checked out.  

Kown Rifle Specifications

Tikka TACT A1 - 5/8x24 thread, 21mm bush. 
Tikka Super Varmint Cerakote - 5/8x24 thread, 23mm bush.