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Magload Supernova Adjustable Trigger


£ 33.00 33.0 GBP £ 33.00

£ 33.00

  • Style
  • ML Colour

This combination does not exist.

  • Flat and Curved Options
  • High performance polymer adjustable trigger
  • Pretravel and overtravel adjustments
  • Help with trigger freeze
  • Help with prep
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Hardened steel pin

A massive improvement over the stock trigger, with tighter tolerances and pretravel/overtravel adjustments. Use this trigger to reduce trigger freeze, improve the feel of the trigger and also aid in prep disengage*.

A small part that makes a big difference to the operation of the gun, using a precision press-fit hardened steel pin and stainless grub screws – this is made for an out-and-out competition. Additionally, with supporting modifications it can relieve prep which is a genuine and proven way to make anyone faster.

The Pretravel adjustment can be used to dial in/out the first stage of the trigger making it a travel adjustable 2 stage trigger.

Gone are the days of drilling and tapping your trigger guard for an overtravel stop!

Fits the Supernova only. The package includes the trigger, with pre-fitted screws and pin, and a 1.5mm hex key.

Installation guide: youtube.com/watch?v=bS30F6bb4WA

*unlocking the gun with rearwards pressure on the pump handle. May need additional supporting mods.