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Magload Mil-Spec 30 Degree Safety


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£ 30.00

  • ML Colour

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Upgrade your 90 degree throw safety lever to an ambidextrous 30 degree one! Less like a lever and more like a button.

Comes with both a short and a long right-hand lever options, and can also be used without a lever.

The standard 90 degree safety has issues. Some may argue that it’s slow compared to a shorter throw, but the real issue is not fully disengaging it. Some have tried a push button safety but the ergonomics are all wrong for competition use. Solve all your problems with a Magload 30 degree competition safety!

As is our philosophy, the control surfaces are plastic so they keep a consistent temperature whether in cold or hot weather and stay grippy when wet in the rain.

Manufactured using our high quality polymer, reinforced with a brass thread insert and with a choice of long or shot offhand levers, you can be ready to go with a Magload 30 degree safety!

Compatible with all mil-spec AR15s and the Kriss Defiance.