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Magload Barrel Clamp


£ 25.00 25.0 GBP £ 25.00

£ 25.00

  • Colour

This combination does not exist.

  • Lightweight polymer – just 12g!

  • Stainless steel bolt with brass fittings

  • For tubes sized 26-27mm

A hyper lightweight barrel clamp to reduce swinging weight where it affects you the most. Protect your MAGLOAD carbon tube from impacts, but if you did happen to impact it the clamp has no edges that can get caught or snagged.

The spacing is designed with our carbon extension tubes in mind – the spacing is optimal to prevent your point of impact from being changed.

The geometry of the clamp is designed to mimic a climbing shoe to focus pressure from the bolts along carefully positioned ridges to increase grip.

The clamp should ideally be positioned 7.5cm (3”) from the muzzle.