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Magload 15-22 Handguard (15", M-Lok)


£ 170.00 170.0 GBP £ 170.00

£ 150.00

  • Length
  • M-Lok Slots

This combination does not exist.

  • Carbon Fibre Tube
  • Nylon Nut and End Cap
  • Starting from 95g in Weight
  • Designed specifically for the 15-22
  • Certified M-LOK Slots Available
  • Custom Lengths Available – Please Contact info@magload.co.uk

Designed with input from some of the UK’s top mini rifle shooters, we’re proud to present this competition focussed addition to your S&W 15-22!

Less than half the weight of the current lightest aftermarket 15-22 handguard available with the lightest variant (11″ slotted) coming in at a mere 95g! The stock Sport handguard for comparison (which is the lightest one the gun is supplied with) weighs 155g.

Designed to have a factory fit to the upper receiver to minimise flex issues that are so common with AR15 conversion nuts, and to isolate as much of the handguard movement from the barrel as possible.

With Magload’s M-Lok licence, you can choose to have approved M-Lok slots machined into the handguard for maximum versatility or go without for a sleek speed steel gun.