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Knights Armament KS-1 L403A1

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L403A1 KS-1 Knights Armament

Our Knight’s Stoner 1 (KS-1) rifle (designated L403A1) is a replica of the UK millitary issue version and is available in both 22LR and 223REM Straight pull.  The build time varies, so please contact us for more information.  

The KS-1 has been taken on by the UK's Commando Forces for its capabilities in all terrains due to its cold forger barrels, its lightweight design makes it far superior to its predecessor the SA80. Its ability to hold multiple attachments on Picatinney rails on the hand guard, makes it very adaptable to any situation. :"The L403A1 is a high performing modern development of the ArmaLite Rifle (AR), which pushes the boundaries of modern performance. As an AR system, it shares much in common with the rifle systems used by many of the UK’s allies. Given their specialist role, and the critical task of working with and alongside many of the UK’s allies, the platform will enable ASOB to share skills and drills in an efficient manner." "The AIW is a modern rifle using the latest in design technology and manufacturing methods, to produce an exceptionally reliable and accurate weapon. The magnified optic means the user is able to engage threats from greater distances; whilst the signature reduction system works to mask the AIW from detection from sight and hearing."

Army be the best :“The L403A1 is an exciting step in the evolution of the Army Special Operations Brigade. The new rifle will field our soldiers with an excellent weapon system that is more interoperable with our partners across the world.”

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Barrel: 13.7″ (34.8cm) 1:7 Twist

Caliber: .223 Rem/ 22LR

Weight: 6.88 lbs (3.12kg)

Length: 32.2″ (81.8cm) to 34.2″ (86.9cm)