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HIKMICRO Raptor Thermal Binoculars

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HIKMICRO Raptor Thermal Binoculars have a combination of a thermal camera, digital day & night camera, and laser rangefinder. They provide unprecedented observation capability in thermal or colour, up close or from a distance, during day or night or in adverse weather. 


Extremely high thermal sensitivityNETD<20mK | High Definition Thermal Sensor, up to 640x512 @12μm | Super large aperture f/0.9 lens | Enhanced self-developed image processing algorithm | Long detection range up to 2600m with a standard 1.7m tall object | Powerful magnification up to 91x, up to 5.7x optical magnification in combination with 16x digital zoom.

High resolution image2560x1440: delivering bright and vivid image at daytime | Support low light conditions 0.001Lux | Built-in 850nm or 940nm IR illuminator allows for perfect visibility even in total darkness | Unique defog mode ensures image clarity during foggy conditions.

Built-in laser rangefinder: with a range of up to 1000m and an accuracy of ± 1 meter.

Zoom Pro is a deep learning algorithm: based on the analysis of thousands of hunting scene images, Raptor provides hunters with crisp images with a higher signal-to-noise ratio and impressive details. Equipped with high-performance hardware, it ensures maximum image optimisation under digital zoom.

Stealth: When moving the device temporarily from your eyes, the display will be turned off automatically. There will be no light leakage from the eyepiece of the device.

 GPS and Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC): allows the user to locate an objects exact position through the precise measurement of an accurate azimuth relative to the direction of the magnetic north pole and a precise elevation of the observed object relative to the observer

Infrared: with the different conditions of observation, the IR illuminator can adjust brightness automatically to avoid overexposure. This also reduces power consumption and improves battery life.