Dave's Dummies - 12G


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    Do you ever watch your friends' training videos on Facebook and daydream about being able to load that fast? Do you want to stop feeling embarrassed when you fumble rounds on that big stage? Then these 12 gauge dummy rounds are for you! 

    Dave's Dummies are made to look and feel just like live shotgun cartridges. Even down to the weight and weight distribution of the cartridge, the attention to detail provides the practical shooter with the ultimate training tool so you can practice single, dual, and quad loading from the comfort of your own home. With no primer, powder or shot in the cartridge, they are safe to use anywhere - just don't mix them with your live rounds. So put down the excuses and pick up your shotgun because with Dave's Dummies, there's no excuse for going slow!

    Note: these 12G dummies come in boxes of 16 and are the equivalent of a 67.5mm cartridge in length.  Colour may vary.