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Cadex Defence CDX-40 SHDW

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The Cadex Defence CDX-40 SHDW Series includes all of the features required by the most demanding competitive PRS shooters. 

Its folding stock mechanism is a charm when it comes to cleaning and transport. The lightning-fast R7 action with its 4 bolt lugs and 50° throw is a must to save time on PRS-style stages. The CDX-40 Shadow is the Cadex Precision Rifle chambered in either 375 EnABELR or 375/408 CT. These ultimate calibers were designed for extreme range shooting and anti-materiel up to 4000 yards with proper training and shooting conditions. Push your limits even further with the CDX-40 SHADOW. Renowned by the ELR community as the best extreme range platform on the market. Combined with a medium contour Bartlein Single Point Cut match grade fluted barrel, it achieves optimum performance effortlessly. This rifle is ideal for those who don't need all the bells and whistles of the CDX-SS SEVEN S.T.A.R.S. PRO but still want unrivalled performance. Compatible with M-LOK accessories and muzzle brake ready.

All Cadex rifles come in the Hybrid Grey/Black Cerakote (second photo) as standard. However, we can arrange for your rifle to be Cerakoted in a colour scheme of your choice.

V-Shaped Bedding System

Provides a stable platform that eliminates any movement of the action in the chassis

DX2 Evo Selectable Single/Double Stage

The Cadex DX2 Evo trigger is a Double Stage Trigger capable to be rapidly converted into a Single Stage Trigger by its operator. Its trigger pull weight can be easily adjusted between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs. If you haven’t figured yet if you prefer a Single Stage or Double Stage Trigger, you can’t go wrong with the DX2 Evo.

Bartlein Barrel

In order for Cadex to offer the best extreme long range sub-MOA precision rifle, they selected Bartlein Barrels. Teamed with our Cadex designed 1.350" straight taper, fluted barrel and a threaded muzzle. All Cadex barrels are Mil-Spec Match Grade Single point-cut rifling with an optimized twiat rate.

Fluted Bolt

3 lug bolt with 60 degree bolt throw.