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Burris Fastfire IV

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    Burris Fastfire IV, Instant on-target accuracy for any firearm from handguns to shotguns. A great choice for 3-Gun and wing shooting, and any use from patrol to plinking. Multiple reticle options, massive battery life and 4 different reticles make FastFire 4 the most versatile red dot reflex you can mount.


    • Toggle between four different reticle options
    • Larger sight window for faster target acquisition
    • Longer battery life - up to 26k hours on medium brightness
    • Brighter aiming point
    • Optional screw-on weather shield for a completely enclosed sight
    • Auto-Brightness & Auto-shutoff after 8 hours
    • Lightweight at 1.6 oz

    Compatible ReticlesFastFire 4 Multi-Reticles

    FastFire 4 Hood Accessory

    Quickly turn your FastFire 4 into a closed emitter red dot protecting against dust and debris. Available in multiple colors in our accessory shop!

    Detachable Picatinny Mount

    Every FastFire 3 includes a Detachable Picatinny Mount, a great accessory for mounting this red dot to rifles, shotguns, and any other platform that has a picatinny rail.