Patch Hog Gun Cleaning Patch


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    The FIRST, the ORIGINAL and still the BEST gun cleaning patch and solvent collection system on the market. Bore Tech's patented PATCH HOG™ simply slips over the muzzle of any firearm and eliminates the mess and odors associated with firearm cleaning. All your unwanted chemical splatter, offensive odors and dirty patches are captured in a reusable, plastic water/soft drink bottle. The PATCH HOG is Simple, Effective & Convenient.

    The first of its kind and still the best, Bore Tech’s Patented PATCH HOG™ is an innovative patch and solvent collection system featuring a unique and practical approach that eliminates the mess and odors associated with firearm cleaning. The PATCH HOG is the answer to unwanted chemical splatter, dirty, smelly trash cans and chasing used, windblown patches down range.

    The PATCH HOG simply slips over the muzzle of any firearm and securely fastens itself via a custom molded, non-scratching, thick rubber grommet. No awkward clamps, No breaking straps, No screws required. The PATCH HOG’S grommet will grip up to a 2 inch diameter barrel and even accommodate most iron sights.

    The top of the PATCH HOG has female threads and accepts most plastic water or soft drink bottles with full size, standard threads. Simply screw your bottle into the PATCH HOG and all of the offensive odors, solvent spray, and dirty patches will be contained when exiting the muzzle. No more stained tables, carpets or walls!

    Unlike other manufacturers’ products, the PATCH HOG does not require additional cleaning following use. After cleaning, simply unscrew the plastic bottle and dispose of it.

    TIP - If you want to inspect your patches while cleaning or reuse your bottle, simply cut a small window into your bottle for easy access.

    The Bore Tech PATCH HOG is a great gift and is sure to attract attention at the range!

    Barrel Diameter: up to 2”
    Iron Sights: 1 ¼” Tall ¼” Wide
    Plastic Bottles with Full Size, Standard Bottles Threads (2 Liter Soda Bottle Type)

    Patch Hog Use Instructions

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