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Excellent condition and lightly used Bliker 300m rifle complete with original sights and Swarovski 6-25x50 scope as well as reloading dies, brass, bullet heads and makers plastic case.  

Technical specifications
– BLEIKER free rifle barrel/action 300m with barrel diameter 22mm or 23.5mm
– Match trigger 80-200 g
– BLEIKER prone stock
– Stock width 52mm
– Color: anthracite / blue / walnut
– BLEIKER butt plate «Super Grip Match I»
– Precision diopter with front sight base and front sight tunnel
– Mirage band / BLEIKER hand stop
– User maintenance manual / Tool / Original test group 300m
– Overpressure proofed
– Weight: 6.0kg

What Bliker Say:
The freerifle Walnut gives the possibility for wood-lovers to shoot with a freerifle.
The rifle is constructed with a strong ballistic static in mind. It also provide a great absorption within the firing phase created oscillation. Special designed platforms enable changes in the balance of the rifle by inserting weights in the stock. Buttplate and cheekpiece can be easely adjusted with one tool. The trigger blade can be set within the shooter needs. The trigger mechanism is fabricated so that you can complete the setting within the hundredth of millimeter in the trigger adjustment procedure.