Accuracy International AT (Used)

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£ 4,000.00

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    Used Accuracy International AT for sale on behalf of a customer. Includes three barrels chambered in 6mm Creedmoor, .308 Win and .260 Rem respectively. 

    • .308 barrel is a 26” bartlien with a 1:11 1/4 twist, cerakoted, less than 200 round count.
    • .260 barrel is a 26” Lother Walther with a 1:8 twist, less than 300 round count
    • 6mm Creedmoor barrel is a 26” bartlein with a 1:8 twist circa 900 round count
    • Barrels are threaded to take AI muzzle break.
    • Includes IOR Bucuresti scope 6-24 x50 IL, MP8 reticule with Tier One rings and a Harris bipod