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Beretta BRX1

74002R / 74002FCM

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Beretta is stepping into the world of hunting rifles, offering a revolutionary firearm with a linear reloading system (straight pull). This new Beretta rifle encapsulates all of the companies experience, acquired over years of working in both the military and civilian spheres. The Beretta BRX1 guarantees the utmost speed, accuracy, precision, safety and ease of use, from the first pull of the trigger through to the smoothness of reloading. The interchangeable barrels of varying calibers, three-trigger weight options and fully ambidextrous bolt and extraction. The ability to change from right hand to left can be made without any tools making the BRX1 a versatile, modern, modular weapon suited to every kind of hunter and shooting environment.


Action: Linear reloading system
Barrel length (mm): 570-510
Caliber: 308 Win / 6.5 Creedmoor
Magazine: 5 shot flush
Receiver: matt black anodized receiver
Trigger: adjustable trigger in 3 weights starting from 900g up to 1500g
Weight unloaded (g): 3350 ( with 57cm barrel & no scope)

• Reversible ambidextrous linear bolt
• Closing system with 8 lug bolt (16 for magnum calibres) - already adopted on military weapons with maximum safety
• Interchangeable barrels of different calibres
• 3 positions safety system:

1. Shoot and reload
2. Locked trigger and free bolt for safe loading and unloading
3. Trigger and bolt locked

• M14 threaded barrel with thread cover for 16 mm barrel profile
• High-performance Polymer forend with two textured grips and sling swivel ring
• Adjustable trigger weight with 3 different positions (from 950 to 1,500 grams)
• High-performance Polymer stock, adjustable LOP with spacers
• Removable magazine, made of high visibility orange polymer with 5 shots capacity (also for magnum calibres) and double release button

The opaque black casing, in light anodized aluminium alloy on the surface, obtained with very accurate mechanical processing and state-of-the-art control systems, houses the action and the barrel fixing system.
The bolt is configured with an 8 lug rotating bolt head, complete with extraction claw and ejector: this ultra-secure locking system derives directly from burst weapons for military use.

To ensure additional safety and robustness, the bolt head in magnum calibres has a 16 lug bolt head (8 + 8 inline).
The bolt handle has a medium-sized spherical knob positioned close to the trigger for the best ergonomics and speed in reloading.

In designing the BRX1, Beretta engineers took into consideration the needs of left-handed shooters, therefore the bolt lever and the cartridge case ejection system are easily reversible in just a few seconds and without the need for any tools.

The three positions safety system is thumb-operated: the first mode blocks both the trigger release and the bolt; the middle mode blocks only the trigger, but leaves the possibility of opening the bolt to safely load and unload the weapon; the third mode allows both firing and reloading.

The trigger group of the BRX1 was developed with hammer and direct release (single-stage) and adjustable between three different weight levels ranging from 950 to 1,500 grams. The group is easily removable from the weapon, so you can select the trigger weight using the sliding button located on the right side of the device. The result is a crisp and precise trigger.

The BRX1 rifle barrels are made of black opaque burnished steel, free-floating, created entirely by cold-hammering and deep drilling, that creates both the rifling and the combustion chamber in a single step. The cold hammering and special vacuum stress-relieving techniques, lend the steel the ideal characteristics to offer the best ballistic performances available today, in addition to the perfect alignment between the cartridge chamber and the rifling. All these details ensure the maximum accuracy of the weapon.

The barrels are housed in the grip by means of a "V" cradle and locked by two screws and a steel dowel, so as to allow easy replacement in the event of a calibre change as well as constant housing in the same position, without the risk of losing the accuracy or calibration of the optics.

The barrels currently available have a length of 510 or 570 mm (20” or 22.5”) for the standard calibres (308 Win and 30.06 SPRG), 620 mm for the 300 WinMag (24.5”). The twist rate is 1/11 for .30 calibres (308 Win, 30.06 SPRG, 300 WinMag).

All barrels have an M14 muzzle thread for mounting accessories such as muzzle brakes, sound moderators, protected by a knurled thread cover.
Barrels without a front sight are equipped with a Picatinny rail, while those with sights will be equipped with a dedicated quick coupler, also available as an option for all other configurations. Alternatively, a 17mm dovetail upper interface slide (Tikka type) can also be installed.

The magazine is made of a high-visibility orange polymer, houses up to 5 cartridges, even for magnum calibres, and can be removed using a double release button that prevents accidental detachment during hunting.
A special black polymer stock with an anti-slip finish was designed for the BRX1, more accentuated on the pistol and in the lower forend. Sling swivels are integrated on the stock and forend.

The standard handle can be replaced with a different size handle, for greater adaptability to the hand and preferences of the shooter. The stock length can be adjusted using optional pads and spacers between 350mm and over 390 mm.

The rifle has a compact and essential look, features the Beretta logo with the three arrows on the pistol and on the magazine and an engraved BRX1 tag on the receiver. On the right side of the breech we’ll find the Beretta Brand tag and on the left side the manufacturing data.

The calibre is shown on the barrels. No detail has been overlooked!