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The newest product from Höppner & Schumann is the evolution of known and proven Speedsec 5 holster. The Speedsec 6 GF (L) is ergonomic and suited to almost all the dynamic shooting handguns.

Manufactured in Germany from high-quality plastic, the Speedsec 6 GF (L) does not add unnecessary weight or restrict freedom of movement.

Through different supplied fixtures the Speedsec 6 is adjusted easily and quickly to many handguns. Markings on the internal components and a table in the owner’s manual make the setup easy.

The Speedsec 6 has the same adjustments in angle and height as previous versions. The gun locks at the onset with a clearly audible "click" and can be optional fully secured - as in Speedsec 5 - by a lever against accidental falling out.

This holster fits the following guns:

Arsenal Strike One
Baikal P-446 Plastic (metall-Frame)
Beretta 92FS
Canik TP9 sfx
Caspian Square Trigger Guard
Colt 1911er
CZ 75, SP01, CZ Shadow 2
CZ P09; CZ P10(F)
CZ Taipan
Erma ESP 85A
Glock small Frame wie Glock 17, 19 ... alle Modelle
Glock large Frame Kaliber .45
GSG 1911/22 (ohne Picantinnyschiene)
GSG 1911/22 (mit Picantinnyschiene)
Heckler und Koch P7
Pardini GT9
Para Ordnance
Springfield 1911 A1
Sphinx 2000
Sphinx 3000
Sig Sauer P226S, X5,X6,
SIG Sauer P226 LDC
S&W MP 9 (9L)
S&W Target Champignon Pistole
Tanfoglio (Square Trigger Guard)
TM Hi Capa
Vektor SP1/2
WA SigArms GSR
WA Infinity 5"/6"
Walther P 99; PPQ
Walther Hämmerli Xesse
Walther P22
Walther PPQ Q5 Steel Frame
Walther P99 AS
Weihi Hi Capa
XDM 4,5, XDM 5,25
XDM 3.8
XDM .45
Available only for right handers!