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Walther PPQ

UK legal, long-barrelled version of the Walther PPQ in .22LR calibre.  Made in the Walther factory by Walther, it is identical to the version found in the rest of the world except for the 300mm barrel and "coat-hanger".  


  • Standard

  • Milled for Red Dot

  • Drilled & Suppressed

  • Milled, Drilled & Suppressed

From £790

What Walther say:


The PPQ .22 is the best of both worlds. By combining smooth-shooting, ergonomically-advanced components of the PPQ with the fun and cost savings of .22 rimfire, you have the pleasure of shooting shot after shot both accurately and affordably. The sculpted grip meshes smoothly into the hand. The trigger is the finest ever on a polymer handgun. The styling is elegant and trim.


Condition: New

Licence: FAC

Make: Walther

Model: PPQ LBP

Calibre: .22LR

Barrel: 300mm

Capacity: 12 & 19 Round

Weight: 850 Grams

Case: Makers Plastic