Corhampton, Hampshire, UK

Beretta 1301 Comp Pro

The 1301 Comp Pro is the updated, upgraded, ultra-competitive new semi-auto from Beretta. It's simply the ultimate tool for serious Practical Shotgun shooters. The most striking change is the polymeric stock, which incorporates both Kick-Off-Plus and the B-Steady system. The latter effectively divides the stock into two sections, creating a recoil absorption point in the front of the stock, enabling the cheek to remain steady against the comb at all times. A series of elastomer dampeners also help to reduce the recoil by up to 40%. There are, however, a host of other new features which are designed to improve your score!

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  • Aluminium 'Toni' System 10+1 round magazine as standard.
  • Wider magazine window and new competition magazine follower.
  • 3 1/2" loading port to allow for ultra-fast, safe loading.
  • Oversized controls; including cocking handle and redesigned bolt release lever, for quicker, easier use.
  • A series of stock spacers also ensure that the stock fits perfectly.
  • Quite simply, everything about this gun is designed to be super-fast and super smooth.