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Beretta & Italian Date Marks

Beretta and other Italian guns can be dated by a code by a code stamped on to the barrels next to the proof mark.  

There are two iterations of marks and they are as follows:

Roman Numeral Series - 1945 to 1974:

I=1945, II=1946, III=1947, IV=1948, V=1949, VI=1950, VII=1951, VIII=1952, IX=1953, X=1954, XI=1955, XIII=1957, XIV=1958, XV=1959, XVI=1960, XVII=1962, XIX=1963, XX=1964, XXI=1965, XXII=1966, XXIII=1967, XXIV=1968, XXV=1969, XXVI=1970, XXVII=1971, XXVIII=1972, XXIX=1973, XXX=1974.

Roman numerals are the official version, but there are some instances of Arabic numerals creeping in as a sort of “shorthand”, for example XX8 for 1972 might be used in order to save space.

Letter series 1975 to 2019:

AA=1975, AB=1976, AC=1977, AD=1978, AE=1979, AF=1980, AH=1981, AI=1982, AL=1983, AM=1984, AN=1985, AP=1986, AS=1987, AT=1988, AU=1989, AZ=1990, BA=1991, BB=1992, BC=1993, BD=1994, BF=1995, BH=1996, BI=1997, BL=1998, BM=1999, BN=2000, BP=2001, BS=2002, BT=2003, BU=2004, BZ=2005, CA=2006, CB=2007, CC=2008, CD =2009, CF=2010, CH=2011, CI=2012, CL=2013, CM=2014, CN=2015, CS=2017, CT=2018, CU=2019, CZ=2020, DA=2021, DB=2022, DC=2023, DD=2024, DE=2025, DF=2026, DH=2027, DI=2028, DL=2029, DM=2030.  

After 2019 the date code might sometimes be the year in the box instead of letters.  For example 2020 could be either [CZ] or [20].  

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Beretta & Italian Date Marks
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