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3 Gun Nation & IPSC training courses on our private range in Hampshire UK!

In association with champion practical shooter Mike Darby and IPSC Shotgun Master Constantine Christophi we are very pleased to be able to offer a range of 3 Gun Nation & IPSC training courses that can provide you with an authorised certificate of competence and enable you to safely compete in 3 Gun matches across the world.  


Our one day basic course for a maximum of 4 students covers everything required in the official 3 Gun Nation training syllabus and if a member of a suitable club will provide the necessary good reason for you firearms certificate application and slots for a .22LR rifle, long barrelled pistol and section 1 shotgun.  

The course fee includes all firearms, rigs and ammunition necessary for the completion of the course and includes fullbore rifle and pistol recoil competency testing with UK legal section 1 firearms.  Students are also welcome to bring their own gear.

The course fee is £200 per person and on successful completion you are invited to become a registered 3 Gun Nation member for an additional fee of $48.  

To register interest for the next course please fill in this form.