695 Field Pair - 12g, 30", Multi Choke

695 Field Pair - 12g, 30", Multi Choke


With only 100 made to date, a composed pair is a rare thing!  The 695 Field fills the gap between the 690 Field III Delux and the 687 EELL Diamond Pigeon.  These guns are truly beautiful with their deep scroll engraved actions and grade 3 wood.  

These are a composed pair with sequential serial numbers, not a factory pair.  They will be numbered 1 & 2 and come with the Beretta ABS Double Hard Case as they would have done if ordered as a factory pair.  

Condition: New

Make: Beretta

Model: 695 Field

Calibre: 12 Bore

Barrels: 30 Inch

Chokes: Optichoke High Performance (Flush)

Chamber: 3 Inch

Stock: 14-3/4 Inch, Right Hand

Triggers: One

Ejection: Yes

Weight: 3.4Kg

Case: Makers Plastic

Serial Number: U57186S & U57187S

Stock ID: BFP1024 & BFP1025

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