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Sound Flash – Device Fusion (Training)

The Next Generation Impact Device

The SF-DF Training device is an ergonomically designed low profile, low output device for training use. The Fusion Impact Kinetic Trigger allows the device to function on contact with virtually ANY surface. This gives the operator greater flexibility and safety when deploying the device at distance or close to the intended area that the effect is needed.     

The SF-DF Training is supplied with a cost-effective .209 primer base plate. The base plate features venting apertures within the base to allow for both the expansion of any gasses/pressure and venting. This lowers the pressure and heat to a safe level when the device initiates a loaded .209 primer.



  • Fusion Kinetic Trigger System for Multi-Surface Initiation
  • Five Point Safety System
  • A.C.S. Trigger Pouch Compatible Design
  • Calibre : .209 Primer
  • Reloadable
  • CNC Machined from Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Applications for Device:

  • Battle Simulation
  • CQB Training
  • Public Order Training
  • Trip Mine Alarm System (When used with trip mine alarm kit)
  • Dog Training