Sponsored Shooters

We are very pleased to announce that our first two sponsored shooters are signed up and on board!  

20180326 - Contract signing.png

Callum Long-Collins has been an avid practical shooter and gun enthusiast for many years as many of you will know from his YouTube channel English Shooting.  He also has his own 3D printing and CNC prototyping business Novus Design Ltd which will be operating from our old office at our site.  Callum will not only bring his excellent shooting skills to #teambluefieldsports, but also his in-depth engineering knowledge and excellent content creation skills.    

Ryan Hutchinson is a talented junior shooter with big things ahead of him.  Outside of his education where he is studying to be a doctor, shooting is his primary focus.  Not only is he already an accomplished practical shooting competitor and Olympic Skeet hopeful with huge potential to be at the top level of both disciplines, but he has a passion for Stalking and countryside management which we are looking forward to helping him advance in.  

They will both be featuring regularly in our content and helping to create a lot of it as well as sharing and promoting our brand, follow/like/subscribe to their feeds to stay up to date!  

Alex Moreton