Czech Trip October 2018

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2 Days Training - £300pp
Full bore pistol and rifle training on the 21st & 22nd October. 
·      9mm pistols (300 rounds).
·      .223 AR rifles (100 rounds).
·      MP5 (100 rounds)
·      Shared holster and belt rigs.
·      3:1 maximum instructor ratio.

Training will include multiple target acquisition, draw and fire, movement and fire and other drills associated with 3 Gun shooting.  Mini stages will be run in the afternoon of each day. Each group will be a maximum of 3 people sharing 1 pistol. There will be one AR rifle and one MP5 at our disposal for both days. Extra ammo available should it be required.  There is a maximum of 12 spaces available.

2 Day Match - £300pp
6/8 Stage Match on the 23rd & 24th October using 9mm pistol, .223 AR and MP5.  Two instructors will be on hand to guide you through stages and provide assistance where needed.  All firearms and ammo are provided.  There is a maximum of 8 spaces available.

3 Gun Nation 101 Basic Certification - £150pp
In addition to the training on the 21st & 22nd we can provide the 3 Gun Nation accredited Basic Certification for 3 Gun shooting.  This requires the student to show competency and safe handling of pistols, rifles and shotguns in a competition environment.  There is a maximum of 6 spaces available.

AK Training - £90pp
On the 21st & 22nd it is possible to add AK training with 100 rounds of ammo.  This is available to all, but has to be booked in advance so the timings can be planned. 

Belt & Holster Hire - £60pp
A paddle style holster is provided in the 2 day training package, this is shared between 3 people.  If you would like your own dedicated rig this can be hired from us, but has to be booked in advance as we bring them with us from the UK. The rig includes a 5.11 Sierra Bravo 2 part belt with 5.11 mag pouches and Alien Gear Cloak Mod holster.  If selecting this option please be sure to let us know which pistol is your preferred option, the choices are Glock 17 or Walther PPQ.

Dedicated Gun Hire - £200pp
If you would like to have your own dedicated pistol for the 2 day training or match you can do so.  The charge is per 2 days hire so for the 4 days it is £400pp.  This is for the pistol only and does not include a belt or holster. 

The pistol will be given to you on arrival at the range each morning and is your responsibility until it is handed back at the end of the day.  No firearms or ammunition is to leave the range complex at anytime. 

Flights, Accommodation & Car Hire

 BA From Heathrow - £220pp
Includes 2x cabin bags, 1x 23Kg hold bag and seat choice 48 hours before the flight.

Departs: 21st at 1625
Returns: 23rd at 1955 or 26th at 2015

Easy Jet From Stansted - £170pp
Includes 1x cabin bag, 1x 23Kg hold bag.

Departs: 21st at 1835
Returns: 24th at 1505 or 26th at 1505.

*if returning on the 24th accommodation will need to be booked in Prague for the night of the 23rd. 

Hotel – from £38.50pp per night
We will be staying at the Hotel Lev which is about 15 minutes from the range and 10 minutes from the main square.  The website has the room options and costs listed.

Car Hire - £40pp
Maximum of 4 people per car, minimum spec Skoda Fabia Estate. 

 Flight, Accommodation and Car Hire prices subject to change. 

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